From writing for online publications to print magazines, students gain a wide range of writing skills in the Multimedia Communication track. Click on the images below to see writing that has been published by students in the minor.

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Space Race 2.0: Technology Gets Fired Up

During her internship for Yardi, Sarah Chan wrote this article about the new era of space exploration with the rise of technology led by both SpaceX and Blue Origin.

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Zaytoon's Hidden Secrets

In this piece, Kelli Filbin elaborates on the gorgeous ambience and delectable foods found at Zaytoon in downtown Santa Barbara.

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Q&A With Laila Lalami

For the Santa Barbara Independent, Naomi Zaldate wrote this piece discussing the UCSB event with the Novelist-Essayist Laila Lalami, who spoke about the secret history of Muslims in America.

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Food Security in Isla Vista

In this piece, Alyssa Pace discusses the statistics behind the popular lack of nutritional value in college students’ diets.

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Spice Up the Summer with Hard Root Beer

As a staff writer for The Daily Nexus, Kelli Filbin wrote this humorous piece as a means to promote the savory taste of hard root beer.


In this piece, Julia Graham writes about sustainable chocolate during her internship with LoaTree.

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Show Your Support for National Parks!

During National Park Week at LoaTree, Alyssa Pace wrote an article highlighting the significance of national parks.

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Carpinteria Artist Studio Tours

In this article, Naomi Zaldate announced the free community event held at the Carpinteria Arts Center, in which more than thirty professional artists showcased their masterpieces to the public.

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Glamorous Gluttony at Malibu Café

During her time visiting this marvelous place on Easter, Kelli Filbin retells her unforgettable experience dining and exploring with her family at Malibu Café.

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Women Making Waves: Join the Better World Series for an Evening with Female Eco-Leaders

During her time as an intern for LoaTree, Alyssa Pace wrote this piece to encourage others to attend an evening listening to the words of powerful female eco-leaders.


In this short piece, Alex Bocknek reviews Thoughts’ debut track titled “Tuck” during his internship with EARMILK.

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Kyle's Kitchen Opens Second Location

In this article, Naomi Zaldate broadcasts the grand opening of Kyle’s Kitchen’s second location in downtown Santa Barbara with savory burgers provided for the community.

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Christmas in April: Buddy's Bites

In this spontaneous article, Kelli Filbin writes of her wild experience creating and taste testing the famous Will Ferrell maple syrup spaghetti concoction.

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New Zealand Has a Cold, and You Might Be the Cause

In this piece, Alyssa Pace raises awareness of the environmental issues occurring in New Zealand.

Going For a Hike?: The Bus Can Take You There

Santa Barbara is overflowing with beautiful hikes, but not everyone owns a car, so Naomi Zaldate wrote this piece advertising the benefits of utilizing the Santa Barbara city bus around town.

Green Car Technology: The Road to a Cleaner Future?

During his time interning at LoaTree, Jason Burton wrote an article on the future of green car technology.

The 20 Most Injury-Causing Household Products in America

This is a story written by Laura Delamare that was picked up by Yahoo Health. She used annual injury reports from 1997-2014 to calculate the average number of injuries caused by a product in a given year.

Jennifer Aniston to Receive Montecito Award

While interning at Santa Barbara Magazine, Taylor Johnson had the opportunity to write a press release on Jennifer Aniston receiving the prestigious Montecito Award.


This piece was written by Matthew Meyer during his internship with the Daily Nexus. In his article, he discusses the issue of access to the Internet during the Arab Spring.